Parent Updates

Trinity Preschool believes a strong relationship between families and the preschool is important to each student's success at school. Trinity Preschool keeps our families well-informed with a monthly printed newsletter from the Director and staff, consistent e-mail communications, a takehome folder and bookbag for daily correspondence, homeroom parents to help facilitate class-specific communication, and hallway bulletin boards with updates, news and community events. The Parents pages on the Trinity Preschool web site reiterate some of those communications, provide important updates in-between scheduled communications, and serve as a resource for school forms and volunteer opportunities.

2018-2019 Parent Handbook

The Parent Handbook will help you to understand Trinity Preschool’s policies, procedures, and general practices for the 2017-2018 school year so that we can easily meet our goal of providing the best developmentally-appropriate, fun, and educational program for your children. Please take time to review the information, and feel free to contact us at any time with questions or concerns. The Parent Handbook is distributed to all currently-enrolled families. To request a copy of the Parent Handbook, please contact the Office. Please note revised food allergy policy for 2018-2019 school year!

Confidentiality Policy

Trinity Preschool respects the privacy of all of our students and families. We will not discuss any other child or family with anyone outside or inside of the school without permission. All student records are locked in the Preschool office, and may be viewed only by the child’s parents, teacher and the Director. If information is requested from an outside agency, the parent will be asked to give signed permission for access to the records. Upon a child’s departure from Trinity Preschool, all of the child’s records are shredded.

A copy of the Family Educational and Privacy Rights Act is available in the school office for parents to review upon request.

Please respect the privacy of our preschool community. Contact information is to be used strictly for Trinity Preschool information only.

Carline Policy

Please remember to stay in your car while waiting in carline. We appreciate your efforts, but it really goes faster if you stay in your car and we bring your child to you! If you put your child's name on the back of your visor or front window, we can see it quickly and get your child to you. Some parents find it helpful to attach the carline name tag to their visor with rubber bands. Then all you have to do is flip down your visor, and you're all set!

To ensure the safety of all, we ask that you please refrain from talking on cell phones and texting while in the drop-off and pick-up lines in the parking lot. Thank you!

2s/3s classe: Will dismiss at 11:30. Each teacher will tell their classes where to pick up their children.

3s/4s classe: Children will be brought by their teachers to the Waterloo Avenue parking lot. Please form a double line in the lot, pulling all the way to the end of the lot, and put your name placard in your front window. It is very important that you stay in your car for the safety of all of the children! The teachers will bring your child right to your car.

Pre-K classes: Pre-K children will be brought to the Main Avenue entrance by the teachers. Please pull up, put your name placard in your front window, and stay in your car. The teachers will bring your child right to your car.

Morning Drop Off Procedures - Please remember to wash your little ones hands when you bring your child to school. Also, with coats and hat season starting, please remember to place your child's belongings in the bags that are provided in your classroom on their hooks. It is a popular season for lice and colds and we want to ensure that we are doing our part at drop-off time.

Please be respectful of our neighbors – St. Monica‛s Church asks that we do not park in their driveway entrance on Main Avenue – even for drop off and pick up. Also please respect the parking spaces on Waterloo Avenue marked for church staff – they often arrive at the same time as our drop off and need a place to park!

Important Information Regarding Sick Children, Emergency Procedures & Snow Days

It is extremely important that children stay home from school when they are not feeling well. Even if they just seem to be “a little under the weather”, they could be in the most
contagious phase of some illnesses (before actual symptoms appear) and spread germs to others.

Please use the following criteria to help you decide whether your child is too sick to come to school:
(1) Does your child feel well enough to participate comfortably in the usual activities of school?
(2) Will your child's condition affect or infect the other children or require attention from the staff that will interfere with their curriculum?
(3) Does your child have any of the following: fever, behavior changes, runny nose that is not clear, diarrhea and/or vomiting, discharge from the eyes, undiagnosed rash or skin lesions?
Before returning to school, children must be:
(1) Fever free, without any fever-reducing medication, for 24 hours
(2) Diarrhea free for 24 hours
(3) Vomiting free for 24 hours

Please make sure Trinity’s office phone number, 610-644-9370, is programmed in your cell phone. We really need to be able to contact you in the case of a child’s illness or if there is a school emergency. Please make sure that someone is available during preschool hours to answer the phone and pick up your child.

As a reminder, this is the procedure for changes in the school day schedule:

(1) Check your email. An email is sent from the “Trinity Alert” email account very early in the morning, as soon as the schedule change decision is made.

(2) Call Trinity Preschool and listen to the office voicemail message. The message will be changed once the “Trinity Alert” email is distributed.

(3) Check the T/E school district information. If T/E is delayed, Trinity Preschool opens at 10:00. If T/E is closed, Trinity Preschool is closed.

If the weather becomes questionable during the school day, please check emails for a change in dismissal time. Homeroom parents will also contact parents in this situation by cell phone.

Parents Helping Parents Program

One of the highlights of the volunteer efforts at Trinity Preschool is the Parents Helping Parents program. Volunteer parents stand by cars in the handicapped spaces in the Waterloo Avenue parking lot so that parents can leave babies and younger siblings in their cars while they walk their children into school. To make this very helpful system work most safely and efficiently, there are a few guidelines:
If the handicapped spots are taken, please circle around the block so that traffic can continue to flow through the parking lot.
Cars MUST be turned off and keys taken from the ignition.
Please make your trip into your child’s classroom brief so that our wonderful volunteers can get on with their morning.

The Parents Helping Parents program is looking for additional volunteers. Thank you so much to those who volunteer for this wonderful program!

Hand Washing

Handwashing is part of our daily routine upon arrival at school each day, as well as before snack time, and as needed throughout the day in an effort to reduce the spread of illness. At drop-off, parents need to help the children to wash their hands. PreK teachers will help their children. Two types of soap are available for children’s use: antibacterial soap and triclosan-free soap.

Happenings E-mails

Happenings e-mail communications are sent twice per month to currently enrolled families at Trinity Preschool. These e-mail communications keep families informed about Trinity Preschool news, fundraisers, school policies and community events.


Are You Receiving
E-Mail Updates?

Trinity Preschool relies heavily on e-mail communication with parents. Please be sure to check your e-mail frequently for updates and information. If e-mail access isn't readily available to you, please check the Parents pages on the web site.

If you are not receiving e-mail communications or if your e-mail address has recently changed, please contact the Office and provide your contact information.

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