Parenting Toolbox

Our lives begin with a lot of education and training...preschool, elementary, middle and high school, at work...educational "preparing for baby" classes and books...etc. Then, we have kids. Instantly, the training stops!

Imagine that...the most important job of our lives! Many parents agree...a little more "education" and "guidance" on parenting would be helpful!

Trinity Preschool is very excited to continue our Parenting Toolbox series. The goal of the program is to help you "fill" your Parenting Toolbox with new tips, tricks and techniques for you and your family.

Past Events

On February 27, 2018, Tri State Training was back for CPR/First Aid training for our parenting toolbox. Those trained were certified in pediatric CPR/FA.

On January 24, 2017, Trinity Preschool held a class for parents on infant/child/adult CPR and AED. The course came with a 2-year certification from the American Heart Association known as HeartSaver CPR/AED.

Representatives from the Chester County Intermediate Unit, (CCIU) who provide such services, provided an overview of their services and process. Trinity parents who have experience in being involved with the CCIU and/or private providers generously shared their experiences and insights. This session was held April 14, 2016.

On December 3, 2014, Colin Ryan from Street IQ taught a self-defense, awareness, and safety behavior training program. He discussed personal, situational, and environmental awareness.

In February & April 2013, Lauren Sullivan and Jennifer Herdler from Square One Organizing presented their ‘Functional Family Workshop’. This session received rave reviews and provided many fantastic strategies for organizing a family home.

As a group, we explored: organizing mementos, photos, toys, improving meal planning, strategies for “easy exits” and more.

Now, it’s time to debrief! What have you put into action? What changes have you made? What tip inspired you? Even if you were unable to attend February’s session, come to hear fellow moms’ exchange their thoughts– and add your own. Sharing ideas is a wonderful way to improve your home environment.

Guest Speaker: Lauren Sullivan and Jennifer Herdler from Square One Organizing
Topics Include: "The Functional Family Workshop"

Guest Speaker: Lisa Corcoran, founder & author of The Parents' Almanac
Topics Include: "How to Discipline without Yelling" & "Bringing Peace Back to your Home"

About The Parents' Almanac

About Lisa Corcoran...

9 children, 6 siblings and 97 cousins may have had something to do with Lisa's desire to study parenting. A family this large can certainly become quite the personality cocktail! Everyone from Crazy Uncle Joe to Kooky Cousin Karen…some were rule followers, others always walked the line. Some were confident, others felt lost. Some responsible and some, well, not at all. Why? As a first-time parent, Lisa began to wonder what she could do to greater her chances of raising a responsible, confident child.

When her family grew to four children, Lisa took a parenting class based on Adlerian (Alfred Adler) theories. The six week course would prove to be the most humbling experience of Lisa's life.

Walking into the class, Lisa didn't expect to learn all that much. The oldest of seven, Lisa thought she knew a thing or two about children. Even becoming a mother herself she did not feel so unprepared. Sure, she made mistakes. Every mother does. But overall she knew what she had to do and how to do it.

So she thought.

With four children in tow, Lisa could get everyone up, fed, dressed, beds made, kitchen cleaned and lunches packed by 8:30 a.m. Little did she knew how much further she could go.

After the first parenting course, Lisa discovered the compromises she had been making for years as a parent may have been the very things that were causing tension and disruptions in her home. She learned that to raise loving, responsible, confident and happy children she would need to start with herself. Her own strengths and weaknesses were keeping her kids from their full potential.

So Lisa started taking more classes. She started applying the tools. And little by little, her home became a calmer place to be and her job as a mother didn't really feel like a job at all.

Lisa became such a believer in the lessons she learned that she decided to become a teacher of Adlerian Theory. It was changing her life and the lives of those she encountered – she felt so passionate that every family could benefit from these basic principles. After 18 years of learning and teaching, Lisa's marriage, children and own well-being are better for having received this information.

Lisa founded The Parents' Almanac to bring these life-changing tools to more families. By applying them, you will enjoy deeper harmony, peace and understanding in your home.



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